UTAR 20th Anniversary Celebratory Events

Join us as we celebrate our past glorious achievements and progress into the future.


6-7 January

2nd International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering 2022 (Virtual Conference)

8 January

School Science Workshop: Unravelling the Wonders of Bioscience (UTAR Kampar Campus)

14 January

UTAR DQA Webinar III: QA Acculturation in UTAR - Towards a Dynamic Academic Leadership: An Experience Sharing

14 January

Borne Identity - Your Identity Determines Your Performance

20 January

Power up! Your Interpersonal Skills:
  • Learning Agility: Improve Your Ability to Learn in New Norm
  • Discover the Wonder of Origami in Science & Technology Workshop

20 January

[KLESF Webinar] Financial Technology and the Impact of Blockchain in Financial Markets

22 January

Insights into Cell Culture & Bioreactor Technology in Bioscience Research (UTAR Kampar Campus)

24 January

Launching of 20th Anniversary Logo & Website


11 February 


14 February 

Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics: The Cutting Edge and LMIC Perspectives (UTAR Kampar Campus)

16 February 

Inception Ceremony of Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics Research and Training Unit (N2RTU) (UTAR Sungai Long Campus/Zoom)

18 February 

Talk Yourself Up the Corporate Ladder: Power of Self-Talk

20 February 

Persidangan Agama Taoisme dan Agama-agama Popular Cina di Malaysia

20 February – 31 March

The Resilience & Well-Being Summit

20 February 

Power up! Your Interpersonal Skills: 
  • How Social Media use Ads to Target Customer? 
  • Entrepreneurship

24 February 

UTAR CEO Talk Series: Choice 選擇

24 February - 4 April 

CBNR Logo Design Competition

24 February 

UTAR Global Affairs Talk Series: China’s Cultural Diplomacy in Southeast Asia: Indonesian Perspective

25 February 

2022 UTAR Industry-Academia Dialogue Work Space Compatibility: Handling Work Related Injuries and Disease

28 February - 3April 

Digital Poster Competition

February – April

BETS 2022 (online campaign)

February – December

FEGT Alumni’s Journey of Success: A series of monthly alumni success stories for UTAR website and social media


1 - 13 March

Competitions: Food Immune Boosters (Cookery Contest) NCDs & COVID Risks (Infographics)

4 March

It's Ok To Be Not Okay

9 March

Launching of the Lee Sin Cheng Lecture Theatre, Bargain Basement, Biography of Tan Sri Lee Sin Cheng and MOU Signing

18 March

Value Your Values – Align personal values to be fully engaged with what you do

20 March

Power up! Your Interpersonal Skills:
  • SHHHHH! Did You Listen to What I Listened to? Developing and Improving Learner's Listening Skills.
  • Dynamic Self Confidence for Enhanced Self Value and Performance

23 March


29 March

Nurturing Turtles, Connecting People

March - April

Celebrating UTAR 20th Anniversary: e-Wishing Card & Precious Shots

31 March - 2 April

The 3rd UTAR New Village Community Project Exhibition

31 March

Let’s Beautify Our Campus, UTAR (Kampar Campus)


1 April

Colour Our Campus, UTAR (Kampar Campus)

2 April

Gotong-Royong: Tiada Kuman, Tiada Jangkitan [(in collaboration with Majlis Daerah Kampar (MDKpr)], Kampung Baru Mambang Diawan, Kampar

2 April

BollyOn: The Campus
(Via ZOOM)

2 April

Chinese Medicine Workshop: Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Care for Elderly

3 April

The Reopening of U-Liang Library, Kampung Baru Sungai Durian, Tanjung Tualang (in collaboration with Kelab Komuniti Sungai Durian, Perak), Kampung Baru Sungai Durian, Tanjung Tualang

5 April

Digital Marketing: A Career Shaped by Digital Transformation

6 April

UTAR CEO Talk Series: Bridging Digital Skill Gaps - Digital transformation is less about technology but more about people

6 April

Our Campus, Our Home, UTAR (Kampar Campus)

7 April

Powering Fintech relationship with Gen Z and the Millennials

7 April

CABF Webinar: What’s Next After Graduation…
(Via MS Teams)

7 - 9 April

Exhibition on the 10th Anniversary (2009-2019) of the UTAR New Village Community Project (Kampar Campus)

8 April

Understanding US Stock Index from A to Z

8 April

打造Z世代钞能力 Gen Z – The Key to Success by Datuk Seri Edmund Heng

8 April

Let’s Shine for Hope (in collaboration with Persatuan Pusat Jagaan Kasih Sayang Kampar), Persatuan Pusat Jagaan Kasih Sayang Kampar

9 April

Kampar Zero Waste [(in collaboration with Majlis Daerah Kampar (MDKpr)], Pasar Kampar

10 April

Keep Your Eyes Open at Air Terjun Batu Berangkai [(in collaboration with Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Kampar, Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Kampar and Majlis Daerah Kampar (MDKpr)], Air Terjun Batu Berangkai, Kampar

13 April

UTAR CEO Talk Series: Agile Leadership During Times of Testing

15 April

Talk: Learning from the Future - Imminent Changes to Quantity Surveying Practices

16 April

Chinese Medicine Workshop: Prevention for Diabetes

18 April

UTAR QA Webinar Series IV: QA Acculturation: IEA Graduate Attributes Professional Competencies, v4 versus Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) (Via MS Teams)

16, 23, 30  April

Island and Peninsula: A Dialogue on Chinese Literature in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan 岛与半岛—新马华文文学与台湾文学的对话线上论坛

20 April

Power up! Your Interpersonal Skills:
  • Leadership
  • How to Appear Professional

21 April

International Conference on Regional Cooperation for Sustainable Economic Development (Virtual Conference)

23 April

Global Guy Talk

23 April

EY Internship Talk: AI Based Cyber Threats & Careers in Tech Consulting (Via MS Teams)

25 April

Virtual Visit to Conlay MRT Underground Station (Via MS Teams)

27 April

Reading x Travelling

28 April

Launching of the Dr Wu Lian Teh Centre of Communicable Diseases In conjunction with the Symposium to commemorate Dr Wu Lian Teh (DWLT)
13 December 2021 - 30 April

Sale of Cooking Sauces (UTAR Hospital fundraising)


May Trimester

Guangzhou Nansha Bird Park International Bamboo Design & Construction Competition – Malaysia Level

7 May

Chinese Medicine Workshop: Recognising and Preventing Snoring

18 May

UTAR CEO Talk Series: The Need of Public Relations for CEO

23 May

Launch of Pestech Railway power Analysis Laboratory @KB607

28 May

Chinese Medicine Workshop: Three Prescriptions and Three Medicines of Chinese Medicine for Anti-Epidemic

28 May

Microsoft Excel: Dashboard

28 May-24 June

Counselling Wellness Week 2022

30 - 31 May

Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) with SmartP 3.0 (Advanced Level)

30 - 31 May

Certified Energy Storage and Energy Efficiency Course

31 May

Effective English Grammar Workshop

31 May




Online Weekday ACCA Preparatory Course (June 2022 Intake)

1 June

UTAR CEO Talk Series: Helping people (and you) get the most out of life with Prudential values

1 June

We Keep, We Breed, and We Grow Bettas

2-3 June

Virtual Workshop on PLS-SEM Path Modelling

4-5 June

Workshop on Natural Language Processing with Python

4-5 June

e-UTARambassador Leadership Camp 2022

7 June

Things to know when declaring rental income to the Inland Revenue Board

10 June


10, 11 &12 June

Virtual Mind & STEM Festival 2022

10-12 June

Virtual Speaking Skill Workshop

11 June

Public Fundraising at Kampar Pasar

11 June

Chinese Medicine Workshop: Cognition and Prevention of Eczema

11 June

Webinar: Antimicrobial Resistance (Via ZOOM)

13-14 June

Professional Green Technology and Energy Efficiency

16 June

Risk Management Identification, Planning & Execution

16, 17, 30 June, 1 July

International Collaboration Forum 5.0: The Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Trends and Its Action

18-25 June

UTAR 20th Anniversary Student Celebration Series: Highlights:

  • 18-19 June 2022 - Medical Week 
  • 19 June 2022 - Opening Ceremony at Colour Run 
  • 21-24 June 2022 - Carnival Celebrations with Clubs and Societies, Counselling and Showcase from students back from overseas 
  • 25 June 2022 - Band-Age Charity Music Night

18 June

Agriculture Technology Seminar Series

18 June

An Introduction to Surname Emblems (tanghao) in Present-Day Penang: The Case of Surname Emblems from Henan Province

19 June


20 June

Power up! Your Interpersonal Skills:
  • How to identify problem and handle difficult situation
  • Creativity and innovation: From ideas to solutions

21 – 24 June

UTAR Carnival

22 June

Webinar: Understanding and Coping with Outbreaks, Epidemics and Pandemics

23 June

20th UTAR Anniversary: Strive for Educational Excellence in the Era of Endemic

25 June

20th UTAR Anniversary: Band-Age Charity Music Night

25 June


27 June

Professional Industry 4.0 Course for Energy Efficiency

28 June

Professional Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Electric Motors to Improve Energy Efficiency

29 June



Building Community Through Giving


2 July

Just Sing! Singing Contest – UTAR 20th Anniversary Celebration

2 -3 July

UTAR 20th Anniversary Student Clubs and Societies Carnival

2 July

Alumni Homecoming
(Kampar campus)

3 & 9 July

UTAR Structural Earthquake Stability Competition 7.0 (SES-VII)

3 July


4 July

PBB Business Proposal Competition

4 July-12 August 2022

CAFR Logo Design Competition

5 July

"Management of Exchange Reserves, Some Practical Perspectives", Talk by Tan Sri Muhammad Bin Ibrahim, Former Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia

6 July

Screening of animation movie Walinong Sari

6, 13 & 14 July

Japan-Malaysia Cultural Exchange Programme 

13 July

UTAR Global Affairs Talk Series: Russo-Ukrainian War 

15 July

"Gravity Assists and Adventures in Building Spaceflight Missions" Talk by Florence Tan, Chair of the Small Spacecraft Coordination Group (SSCG) at NASA Headquarters and the Deputy Chief Technologist (DCT) for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD). 

16 July


17 July

10km Walkathon

17 July

Publishing Your Research in Web of Science (Social Sciences Citation Index) and Scopus Journals (with Tips and Tricks!) 

18 July - 31 December

UTAR FSc T-shirt Selling 2022 (UTAR Hospital fundraising) 

17 - 19 July

Actuary Today 2022 UTAR Sungai Long Campus 

21 July

Your Golden Years... No Plan, No Gain 

17 - 22 July

IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium 2022 (IGARSS 2022)

news 1 news 2 news 3
20 July

Power up! Your Interpersonal Skills:
  • Presentations And Public Speaking 
  • Skip From Making Wrong Financial Decision

23 July

DPI Anchor "Spray and Play" 

25 July - 12 August

FICT Industrial Exposure Week- Industrial Talks by Companies

27 July

Fun with M.E.P.S. School Engagement Project 

27 July

Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in Biomedical Research and Education (Zoom) 

28 July

Vaccines in the post-COVID-19 era : what have we learned during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

30 July

Popular Science Webinar Series: The Funeral Culture in Malaysia l 中文讲座:马来西亚的殡葬文化 


1 August

Public Relations Awareness Week (PRAW) 2022: Keynote Speech TITLE: 4Ps in Public Relations

1 August

Public Relations Awareness Week (PRAW) 2022: WEBINAR 1: Public Relations for Social Change: A Thai Perspective of Societies in Action (FB Live)

news >>>
1 August

Public Relations Awareness Week (PRAW) 2022: WORKSHOP 1: PR Consulting in Practice (Zoom & FB Live)

news >>>
2 August

Public Relations Awareness Week (PRAW) 2022: WEBINAR 2: Diversity and Inclusion in Public Relations: A New Zealand Perspective (FB Live)

news >>>
2 August

Public Relations Awareness Week (PRAW) 2022: WORKSHOP 2: Navigating the World of PR, Influencers and Social Media (Zoom & FB Live)

news >>>
3 August

Public Relations Awareness Week (PRAW) 2022: WEBINAR 3: Cultural Intelligence (CQ): The Essential Skill for the Communication Graduates (FB Live)

news >>>
3 August

Public Relations Awareness Week (PRAW) 2022: WEBINAR 4: What Nobody Told You About Public Relations (FB Live)

news >>>
3 August

English Language Camp

4 August

Public Relations Awareness Week (PRAW) 2022: WEBINAR 5: Connections and Pandemic Wellbeing: An Australian Study (Zoom & FB Live)

news >>>
4 August

Public Relations Awareness Week (PRAW) 2022: WORKSHOP 3: Nurturing Your Digital Marketing Skills Through Social Media (Zoom)

news >>>
4 August

Public Relations Awareness Week (PRAW) 2022: WORKSHOP 4: The New Marketing Landscape for Tomorrow’s Consumers (Zoom & FB Live)

news >>>
4 August

International Lecture Series #1: Natural Products and Drug Discovery (Zoom)

5 August

Public Relations Awareness Week (PRAW) 2022: VIRTUAL MOCK INTERVIEW (Microsoft Teams)

6 August

Chinese Medicine Workshop: Recognition and Prevention of Spleen and Stomach Diseases

6 August

Econsave Sinchew Charity Dinner cum 20th Anniversary Dinner

11 August

Banking Risk Management Current Practice & The Immediate Term New Implementation

11 August

Inflation & Smart Investment!

12 August

UTAR 20th Anniversary Celebration and Launch of Bamboo Pavilion

15 - 19 August

1st N2RTU Workshop on Nutrigenetics, Nutrigenomics and Data Analysis for Precision Nutrition (UTAR Kampar Campus)

16 August

UTAR Press Kick-Off

18 August

International Lecture Series #2: Natural Products and Drug Discovery (Zoom)

18 August

Internationalization Talk by Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU), Taiwan:
  1.  Topic: Value-added Approaches and Practices for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Industry-Academia Cooperation 
  2. Topic: Challenges and opportunities of starting a business

19 August

Yoga for Beginners

20 August

2022 International Student Interaction Day: “On The Feeling Of Eternity In YOUTHAR”

20 August

Chinese Medicine Workshop: Health Effects of Overweight and Obesity

20 August

Power up! Your Interpersonal Skills:
  • Tips To Become A Successful Entrepreneur
  • How To Turn Challenges Into Opportunities

20-21 August

UTAR 20th Anniversary – Health and Sports Event

22 August

UTAR CEO Talk Series: Entrepreneurship

23 August

Webinar: Brighter Days Ahead

23-25 August

UTAR 20th Anniversary Flea Market

24 August

Aquaculture workshop: "Transforming unused ponds for sustainable aquaculture and eco-tourisms

24 August

WAYANG PACAK - Short Film Exhibition

25 August

Money Management for Youth

25 August

Overview Circular Economy and Packaging Sustainability

25 August

Act ahead of the Curve: Preparing for the Future Tough Job Market

25, 26, 27 August

Science Connect 2022

27 August

Tails of the Forgotten

28 August

Healing Through Play: How Does Play Therapy Works?

30 August

Mind Your Brain Series: The Basics of the Brain

30 August

Mind Your Brain Series: The Broken Brain

30 August

Early Childhood Education: 1st International Seminar 2022


1 September

Disruptive Technologies, COVID19 and the Changing Landscapes of Accounting Education & Research

1 September

NAIST-UM-USM-UTAR Joint International Symposium on Bioscience and Biotechnology

1 September

1-2 September

Huawei Day 2022 at Sungai Long

2 September

Evidence-Based Practices For Impactful Research Strategies

2 September

French Carnival

3 September



3 September

Chinese Medicine Workshop: Economic Values of Chinese Medicine

8 September

International Webinar on Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy 2022 (i-WASTEM 2022) (MS Teams/UTAR Kampar Campus)

9 September

Critical Thinking Debate Competition

10 September

Workshop on SEM Model JSM 6701F
(UTAR Kampar Campus)

10 September

阿牛在拉曼 中秋粉浪漫[Live直播很爽音乐汇]

12 September

AutoCount Competition 2022 – Empower Your Computerized Accounting Skills

15 September

Talk: The End of Food and the Socio-Politics of Nutrition
(UTAR Kampar Campus)

17 September

Chinese Medicine Workshop: The Origins of Traditional Chinese Medicine Classics and Prescriptions

19-20 September

Joint Scientific Meeting 2022 for Stem Cell and Cancer Research

20 September

National Health Screening Initiative

20 September

Power up! Your Interpersonal Skills:
  • Introduction To Robotic, Automation And IR4.0
  • Discover Your Talent Matrix

21 September

English Language Camp

27 September

Mind Your Brain Series: The Emotional Brain

27 September

UTAR 20th Anniversary Cultural Charity Show


1 October

Karnival Kimia Malaysia (Perak State Level)

7 October

Honor Talents Global Design Awards

11 October

BAFE 2022 International Conference cum UTAR 20th Anniversary

12 October

2022 UTAR Industry - Academia Dialogue Food Sustainability: Post-Harvest quality improvement and food processing value addition

12 October

Mind Your Brain Series: The Experiential Brain

12 October

2nd Postgraduate Colloquium 2022 on Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) (UTAR Kampar Campus)

12-13 October

Seminar on Internal and External Quality Assurance (SieQA) 2022

14 October

Celebration and Appreciation: 10th Anniversary Department of Nursing, MK FMHS, UTAR

15 October

INTERNATIONAL VIRTUAL SEMINAR: "Building a Nursing Workforce for the 21st Century: Educating Nurses of the Future

17-18 October

Workshop: Application of Basic Statistics and Experimental Design in Biological Science

18 October

Building supervisor-supervisee relationship in academics

19 October

Chemical Disaster Simulation Tabletop Session

19-20 October

Fun Escape With ACCA (Gopeng)

20 October

Power up! Your Interpersonal Skills:
  • Critical Thinking In Workplace And Real Life
  • Do You Sleep Well? How To Take Care Of Your Sleep?

22 October

Chinese Medicine Workshop: Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Chinese Medicine Culture

25 October

MBA Seminar: #1 Postgraduate Colloquium

25 October - 11 November

Reduce E-Waste by Corporate Communication Students

26 October

Dementia Awareness Series: Understanding Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

29 October

Caring and Sharing Concert with Aniu [阿牛为拉曼献爱心演唱会]

30 October

Community Outreach Program - "Science Meets Society: Integrating Food, Gene and Population" (Yayasan Ipoh Bagi Orang Kurang Upaya, Bercham, Ipoh)

31 October

Transfer of Training: The way to maximize the return on training investment

31 October,
1, 12 & 13 

5th Industrial Business Conference (Hybrid Session)


World Study Tour (Virtual)


1 November

Academic Collaborations with Independent Cinemas in the UK: Using Academic Research in Public Facing Contexts

2 November

Is owning a property just a dream for Gen Z in the digital era

4, 8 & 11 November

Webinar on Building trust along the food supply chain

4 November

Soft Skills Learning Trip to GM Klang
4-5 November

National Physiotherapy Conference for Students

5 November

Chinese Medicine Workshop: Recognition of PCOS

5 November

Microsoft Excel: Dashboard

7 November

Virtual Class:
Smart Tech 101

8 November

Indonesian way of doing business

9 November

Microsoft MVP Day

9 November

Mind Your Brain Series: The Sensing Brain

10 November

Webinar on Bio-Transmission Electron Microscope

10 November

Risks in the Financial Markets

11 November

Rtist Creative Student Program: Digitalize Your Portfolio

11 November

Surviving the publication nightmare: How to handle peer-reviews effectively?

12 November

Soft Skills Learning Trips to Penang
14 November

Can't Run, Can't Hide (Documentary Screening - Environmental Pollution)

14 November

UTAR Scholarships Award Ceremony

15 November

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) the ways forward

16 November

Talk: Epidemiology of Pneumococcal Carriage in Southampton: What Have We Learnt Since PCV Introduction? by Prof. Stuart C. Clarke (University of Southampton, UK)

16 November

Mind Your Brain Series:The Cognitive Brain

16 November

UTAR Scholarships Award Ceremony

18-24 November

Antibiotic Awareness Week

19 November

Recognising and Preventing Degenerative Knee Arthritis

20 November

Power up! Your Interpersonal Skills:
  • Pursuing Your Passion And Dreams, Preparing For The Professional Business & Marketing Career Outlook
  • A Leader or A Follower?

21 November

MoA Signing Ceremony with Hartalega

21-23 November

AWS Academy Cloud Foundations (ACF)

22-23 November

Blood Donation Campaign Nov 2022


Bridging the Gap between Academia, Alumni and Industry

23 November

Effective Approach in Managing Absenteeism at The Workplace (ONLINE)

23 November

A Day with EPF at UTAR
23-24 November

Fearless: Fighting an Invisible Me (Social Anxiety Talk and Workshops) by Media and Creative Students

24 November

MSEF Mock Cheque and Scholarship Award Presentation

24-25 November

Karnival Citra Bahasa 2022: Fikir Global, Gaya Lokal

25 November

Strategic Procurement Practices: Enhancing Organizations’ Efficiency

25 November

Virtual School Tour to Little Urban Forest

25 November

Management of Knowledge in Project Environments

26 November

The Japanese Model of Environmental Education: A Focus on Recycling

26 November

Agriculture Technology Seminar Series XXII : Smart Plantation Management and Sustainability

26 November

Mental Health Issues Among the Tertiary Education Students: What, When and How to tackle them!

26 - 27 November

UTAR 20th Anniversary Alumni Annual Dinner

28 November

What makes for a good elder care centre from the view of healing environments? Cases in USA, Japan and France

28 November

Malaysian and the World Economic Outlook 2023: Stormy and Shinny?
29 November

UTAR JinBodhi Bursary Award Ceremony

29 November

Life Science Workshop with Biotek Abadi Sdn. Bhd. & Nanjing Vazyme Biotech Co. Ltd.

29 November

Second Biennial Men's Wellness Seminar

30 November

English Language Camp

30 November

Publishing beyond impact factor: A guide for social science students and researchers

30 November

Dementia Awareness Series: Treatment Options for Dementia


International Collaboration Forum 6.0 (Virtual)


2 December

UTAR Kampar H20th Celebration Run 2022

3 December

My Money & Me "Build your Future: Be Smart About Money!

3 December

Chinese Medicine Workshop: Introduction of Body Constitution

2-3 December

Python Programming from Basics to Advanced

5 December

Converting Thesis to a Scholarly Workshop
6 December

Cancer Awareness Drive 2022

10-12 December

International Conference on Children Literature

12-16 December

Relight Exhibition

14 December

Mind Your Brain Series:
The Ageing Brain

15-16 December

Postgraduate Research Skill in Social Sciences: A Focus on Dissertation and Thesis

16-17 December

Cricket Performance Analysis Workshop

16 December

UTAR 10-Year Strategic Plan 2023-2032 Book Launch

16 December

Herbs Mini Series 2022: Herbal Remedies for Anxiety and Stress Relief

17 December

N2RTU Dialogue Forum - Precision Nutrition: Hype or Hope?

17 December

Nutrition Seminar Series II: Precision Nutrition Approach in Prevention and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

21 December

20 Metre for Wishes for UTAR

28 December

Dementia Awareness Series: Self-care of Caregivers of Dementia
28-29 December

EduFun AgriMicrob Science Holiday Workshop Series II